Vigil for Puerto Rico

By Juan Morales

Vigil for Puerto Rico

Join us this Friday, July 26th, at La Placita, Houston, for our 1st Vigil for Puerto Rico. We will pray for our fellow Puerto Ricans in the island to be given the correct leadership to guide them towards a quick recovery from the political and governmental chaos that they are experiencing. We invite all to pray with us and dance to the rhythms of Bomba & Plena.

Given the situation in P.R., it is becoming abundantly clear that private citizens will need to help rebuild the island. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done. Please support our cause as we help eliminate the blue tarps that still plague our island. You can donate to Texas United for Puerto Rico, as we will continue our mission.

The Festival Puertorriqueño & Cubano | PRC Festival Houston joins hands with La Placita, Houston and Texas United for Puerto Rico in solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico.

Join us this Friday and bring everyone! Tag and Share with everyone that you know. Puerto Rico needs us!


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