Plenealo | PRC FEST 2018

By Juan Gil

Plenealo | PRC FEST 2018

Meet Plenéalo, they will be joining us this October 27, 2018.

In September 1994, the group Plenéalo was founded in the town of Aibonito, Puerto Rico, birth town of its founder and musician Iván Gerardo Rivera Rivera, who devised the project that would give life to 'La Plena' genre, with the desire to revive, maintain and promote our culture through the rhythm of 'plena'.

Over the course of the years, Plenéalo has been touring on several festivities such as Bahía Festival, Cepeda Festival, and Bacardi Fair to mention a few.

For more than 20 years, the group has worked to achieve its musical development and be recognized for Puerto Rico. Their goal is to teach 'La Plena' as that happy and contagious genre, representative of the Boricua country.

Plenéalo continues his career to enter international markets, modernizing 'la plena' in each musical incursion.

Plenéalo shows are running across the U.S. and Latin America and they will be performing this Saturday, October 27th at the upcoming PRC Festival 2018.

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