El Dandy | PRC Festival 2018

By Juan Gil

El Dandy | PRC Festival 2018

Meet El Dandy, he will be joining us this October 27, 2018.

David Montes de Oca Guerra, professionally know as El Dandy was born in Habana, Cuba, in October 9, 1986. At a young age he was strongly influenced by dancers and singers in his family, and as a result gained interest in music and dancing.

By 2003, he joined the National School of Scenic Arts ‘E.N.A.E.’ and two years after he joined the musical band ‘Arnaldo y Su Talismán’ as dancer, giving him the chance to travel around Cuba. Shortly after, David Montes joined the dancing group ‘Ron de Cuba Habana Club’, directed then by the actress, Edith Massola.

El Dandy was called to be part of Haila Maria Mompie orchestra as dancer and chorus man, until 2013, where he accomplished his lifelong dream of joining David Calzado’s orchestra, ‘Charanga Habanera’, reaching international renown.

After 4 years of playing at ‘La Charanga Habanera’, El Dandy decides to pursue a solo career.

Don’t miss El Dandy’s performance next Saturday, October 27 at Houston’s PRC Festival 2018.